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Acing April!

We are now officially onto the countdown of classes returning and I cannot tell you how excited I am about seeing all my warriors together again! It has been a long winter but now spring is here with the hope of new beginnings, new goals & new things to be grateful for. We are all craving some structure and normality back in our lives, we all maybe feeling a little nervous but that's okay, everyone will feel a bit like this. Things have started to open back up again & we feel like we are beginning to shift out of hibernation mode. How good does it feel to get your hair done again though? It's all little things like this that add up to us feeling more like us again!

Our challenges for April were a combination of resistance and cardio workouts weekly as well as just keeping as active as we can until classes return. Our challenges also consisted of 5000 lunges in April with various options for our warriors! We have been creating these handy tick sheets for our warriors for accountability which has really helped! So we will be continuing to do those for future challenges! Here Emma is absolutely smashing her accountability posts and just look at the difference in how toned her legs look! I just love it when I see warriors flourishing like this!

From Keeping Emma Fit check out her blog on Facebook!

April Challenges

Week four...

Resistance workouts = 2 Cardio workouts = 1

DAY ONE = 115 side lunges and 60 reverse lunges DAY TWO = 110 side lunges, 60 reverse lunges and 5 forward lunges DAY THREE = 105 side lunges, 60 reverse lunges and 10 forward lunges DAY FOUR = 175 side lunges DAY FIVE = 100 side lunges, 60 reverse lunges and 15 forward lunges

Only 709 to go

Did 30 wall press ups too

Resistance workout... Weighted interval training from the website love it

Ooooh what's that NEW CLOTHING LINE you say???

April saw the launch of our NEW WARRIOR WEAR. We have always wanted to create our own merchandise and what a perfect time to do it just before the return of classes to get you all geared up! Our signature top above is UV reactive with our logo on the front & then ''Workout Warrior" printed on the back. They also come in capped sleeve t-shirts and zip up hoodies too.

BECAUSE NEON IS LIFE.... we couldn't be leaving out the neon now could we? We added Warrior Wear in neons too towards the end of the month with two new designs! To place a clothing order simply go to


IT'S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN (don't lie.... you sang that and then did the little tune after it!)

So we are now officially on the countdown to classes team! We will soon be soaking up the atmosphere, having fun, letting loose and just enjoying becoming and feeling our very best together! I just want to take the opportunity to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported us over the last 14 months. It has been incredibly hard for everyone & we have showed nothing but support towards each other during these hard times.

You maybe feeling a little anxious about returning to classes or normal life again which is completely valid. Our normal way of living as been disrupted for a long time and it is absolutely important not to put immense pressure on yourselves. You don't have to ''get yourselves fit or in shape'' to start coming to classes again because that is like saying I need to wait until I am too sick to go to the Drs! All you have to be is you with a burning desire to feel your very best!

We will be taking everything back to basics again to allow people chance to settle back into the rhythm of it all!

We can often listen to that voice in the back of our heads that says ''I'm not good enough'' but I am here to tell you that is absolutely not true and I will always continue to support you all and help you see your true value! It is important to remember that you are on your own path, you have made your own goals, you are on your own journey that should never be compared to another.

Stay in your own lane

Stand in your own power

and shine bright like the friggin super nova you are!

Please follow our social media accounts for posts that can help with fitness tips, motivation, wellbeing & mindset!

That's all for now team! We will keep you as updated as we can with regards to our re-launch

Whoop Whoop!

Kimmy x

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