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You Made My May!

This pic sums up everything I have felt about returning! The emotions hit me all at once! The nerves on that first session, the excitement, the joy, the wondering if anyone would actually come back... but how wrong was I? Everyone has just been out of this world.....

Well we are back! And how amazing does it feel? I cannot put into words how amazing it is! I really can't... that BUZZ, that energy, that feel good feeling after smashing a class! Although we still have restrictions in place we still create such a buzz and energy in these classes! Every class has been sold out! Which is so incredible! I am truly grateful to every single one of you! We have welcomed some awesome newbie warriors to our team also and they are all doing a fab job each week in their attendances.

We took it right back to basics in our Total Body Tone Sessions to build our strength back up & everyone is doing such a brill job! We decided to keep the session format the same for 3/4 weeks to allow time to allow warriors to get used to and master their technique which has been lots better. I have really seen some fantastic improvements in this class and all within just 2 weeks of attending. Love this pic of our Wednesday warriors with all their colourful mats! I love teaching this class, it is so ideal for those who want to build strength and lean muscle easy to fit in, in just 35 minutes!

Then from toning straight into our raving! Clubbercise made it's return our feel good dance fitness class! Everyone loves this class THAT MUCH that they wanted it to be an hour long instead of 50 minutes... so who am I to pass up the opportunity for more tunes right????

Here are our Monday team at Grange Park absolutely owning their Monday workout! Love it!!!

Warriors waving their glowsticks and loving life at the end of their workout at St Georges

To see the beaming smiles from that stage is the most amazing feeling ever!

I cannot tell you how proud I am to see you all walking like warriors in your warrior wear too! To see you guys repping our brand is such an honour and we are loving you tagging us in our pics!

Here are some of our gorgeous warriors owning it!

NEW DESIGNS coming soon! If you would like to order some warrior wear please go to

I am really looking forward to those restrictions being lifted so we can dance around freely & sing (in my case badly) again :D

JUNE we will see the return of BROADWAY BOOGIE at our brand new venue! Booking essential

Remember we have our own private Facebook group where we chat and socialise, it's a good place to keep updated. Here are all our relevant social media links

Until then warriors! Keep shining & smiling!

Kim x

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