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Our Community Fitness Classes

We are all about creating a fun & friendly atmosphere for our workout warriors to become fitter, stronger, healthier & happier. We believe fitness should never be a chore or a bore but rather FUN & enjoyable for you to be able to stick to it long term. Here is a bit more about each fitness class we do... 

See class descriptions below

Type - Cardio/Dance Fitness
One of our most popular classes 
set in a darkened room with disco lights & glow sticks. Easy to follow aerobic dance fitness to club classics from 90s to today
Ideal for: gym haters, fun seekers, clockwatchers, beginners to fitness

Type - Dance, Toning & Combat
This is a simple to follow dance fitness class that makes you wanna get up & move! Taking you through a tunnel of timeless tunes! Feel elated, feel energised & feel empowered! Lets Bopback in time! Completely exclusive to KimmyJFitness

Ideal for: beginners to fitness, clockwatchers, gym haters

Type - Resistance Training 

A 30 minute full body class focusing on strengthening & toning. Your own equipment is needed for this session (as seen below) for weights you can use bottles of water as an option

Ideal for: gym haters, those short on time, those who want to focus on good exercise form & toning up stubborn areas. 

Type - Core Work, Mobility, Strengthen & Stretch

Taking the principles from Pilates and modifying it in a fitness manner, slow controlled movements focusing on core work, strength, mobility & flexibility. This is not suitable for those with a diagnosed back condition. You will need a yoga mat.
Ideal for - Core & back strengthening, mobility, stability & mindfulness 

Type - Dance Cardio
POMSQUAD™ is a super fun, immensely positive, high energy dance fitness class!   You'll be shaking your poms while prancing, dancing, bending, and snapping to today’s hits and yesterday’s favorites.  Inclusive, encouraging, and easy to follow classes are designed to maximize caloric burn while strengthening and toning the body.  Featuring a variety of dance styles and unique choreography, there is something for every type of spirit leader in each and every class.


Please note before taking part in ANY CLASSES you will need to fill in a PARQ FORM which can be done online by tapping the button above

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