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Jumping In June & July!

It can be quite tricky keeping to your fitness goals this time of year! There is a heap of distractions such as the end of school year, the kids breaking up, organising holidays & of course not to mention a sweltering heatwave with the joy of no fans or air con, yeah thanks for that COVID! But we did more than got through it, we jumped all over it!

So June was the month I welcomed my 30s & was massively spoilt by everyone. Beautiful bouquets & gifts from all my warriors which I was so grateful for so thank you so much for that!

At the end of June we re-launched our Broadway Boogie class at Lawley Village Academy which is in a lovely spacious hall. Broadway Boogie is a high energy dance fitness class set to music from stage & screen. Be the star of your own workout and take on the leading role in each track! Sweat and smile the whole way through.. look at our FABULOUS FRIDAY WARRIORS!

We also saw the launch of our beautiful new addition to the timetable which is Fitness Pilates on a Tuesday at St Georges. This is something that I trained for during lockdown as a nice variation to add to our timetable. I was really apprehensive about launching this as I am usually a very energetic bouncy instructor so it was completely out of my comfort zone to teach something so slow & controlled. The feedback was amazing & we all felt as light as a feather when we finished our first class.

Fitness Pilates is a slow controlled 45 minute class focusing on core stability, flexibility, mobility & mindfulness.

Here are what some of our warriors had to say about their first Fitness Pilates session with us....

''Kim it was perfect... such a wonderful way to relax, stretch, move and burn calories without a sweat droplet in sight'' Emma S

''I loved it and Emma has it right, fab class without getting horrendously sweaty. Will look forward to the next one. Thanks Kim'' Aimi S

''It was absolutely what I needed this evening so relaxing and rejuvenating, it was fab thank you very much I loved it and can’t wait to hopefully make it a weekly fixture 🙏🥰 xx'' Amy S

'Have to agree with what Emma said after a day in the garden painting the fence and sorting the borders out it was better than a soak in the bath.really enjoyed it thanks Kim'' Karen W

Okay.... but can we just talk about how awesome it was to sing & whoop again in classes though and not have to worry about baskets and markers? Here we have some of our Wednesday legends in full force in 30 degree heat hence the quieter class! Beast mode!

NEW MERCH! Oooh now these are pretty and what a perfect quote for our classes! Lots of orders have been coming in for our Warrior Wear which is awesome & thank you all so much for your support!

As you can imagine these last 18 months have been pretty unforgiving so every single person who books onto a class, who recommends us or who purchases products we are very grateful to you indeed. I can't lie when I say I am looking forward to a break for 2 week at the end of July! It has pretty much being constant since the pandemic started & it is certainly important to take some downtime & unplug from technology for a bit so that is what I shall be doing! We appreciate you all so much & look forward to welcoming more warrior back to our tribe! We have lots of awesome things planned for the future & we cannot wait to share them all with you on your fitness journey!

Love Kimmy x

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