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Marching Through March

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Well another month in lockdown but lots of achievements smashed! So what did we get up to this month then? We set ourselves another challenge of course! 10k steps a day or more & also an accumulator press up challenge. It is funny how we are so adamant that we have it in our heads we cannot do something but then absolutely prove ourselves wrong! Press ups! Urghh! I know right we all have that one exercise that gets us & I have to admit these are mine, so I could fully relate to the struggle but with a little time & practice nothing is unachievable! We had warriors in this group who were scared to even attempt a wall press up, but proved themselves wrong by progressing to a bodyweight kneeling press up! So when the mountain seems too high or the road seems too long ahead, we take it back to basics and work from there, we work with what we can do. We warriors do one battle at a time & take one step at a time which is really important for mindset training.

I absolutely love seeing people progress & totally flourish out of their bud filled with self doubt, anybody can achieve anything that they set their mind to!

We had lots of warriors jump on our 10k steps a day challenge and they all did amazing some even getting to 30k steps a day! All in all another month of progress, achievements & wins!

''So chuffed completed challenge for March walked 10,000 steps or more each day. Pushed myself each day to made sure I did these steps even if the weather was pants or I couldn't be bothered on some days. 387,050 steps walked over the month' Sophie

''Can't believe I managed to do the 10K steps with my daily average being of 13K

I am now able to go for a nice walk in the mornings and during some evenings which has been lovely.Doing 10K steps and knowing how to squat is such an achievement'' Jayme

''Proud of completing the March challenges, especially the press ups because I didn’t think I would be able to do them. During the month, I ran over 100 miles & did my first half marathon distance In April, I want to work on my core strength ready for TBT classes starting again in May & although I’m not looking forward to them, I’ll be having a go at completing the lunges (no self-limiting beliefs allowed , that’s quite a change from my approach to the press ups ) Well done everyone on your March achievements, I’m proud to be part of this group of amazing people'' Wendy

So pleased with how March has gone

391,224 steps in total

185.3 miles in total

Not bad for an old bird

I’ve run and walked in both daylight and darkness and in snow, ice, rain, hail, sun and fogThank you Kim for keeping my spirits up'' Claire

We also celebrated International Women's Day because all our women are badass warriors!

I am also really proud to have been nominated for a Community Fitness Award for Regional Instructor for West Midlands so big thank you to everyone who nominated me. I know it sounds cliche but things like that never happen to me! So it is very much an honour!

April will be our last full month without classes all being well... so let's see what challenges & surprises are in store next month then!

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