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On Fire For February!

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Well another month gone! It is actually surprising how quick this month has gone considering we have spent another month of our lives in lockdown, but I have honestly been taken back yet again by our workouts warriors focus & determination! So a new month always means a new challenge, it is a chance to wipe the slate clean, reset & refocus your mind which has definitely been an important thing for all of us in these times when there has been no sort of focus, just kinda floating through. So what did we get up to in February???

We decided to give our warriors a few challenges to focus on for Feb...

2800 squats for the month for Teenage Cancer Trust (warriors could raise funds or awareness) inspired from one of our warriors Julie

100 miles in February for Refuge (warriors could raise funds or awareness)

inspired by our warrior Megan

Some of us were also taking part in Kimmys Healthy Eating challenge where we were focusing on nutrition and cutting out junk food.

So over the month we have been checking in every evening in our group Kimmys Workout Warrior Community. We came together to share our daily activities, along with our healthy delights of the day. It has been a fab selection of challenges because one involved something that we could get outside and do, one involved strengthening and the other was focusing on what we were putting into our bodies. After Christmas our body can do with a rest from eating junk so we set ourselves a challenge to eat no junk food or takeaways for a month and being more aware of what nutrients we actually need. I have also been posting lots of recipes, health facts & guidance to help our warriors understand why food is so important to us.

Chris one of our warriors who took in our healthy eating challenge and she said:

''When you become a mother everything’s about the baby they take priority so I did skip a few breakfasts. Not only did I skip breakfast I didn’t have time for lunch it was grab a coffee take a gulp and off to the next appointment. It became an habit over time. Your group has really opened my eyes as to how much I ignore myself for others, I see all the delicious meals the warriors have. Yours are truly amazing!

Then I pop my posts up and it’s doing this that made me stop for lunch think about a meal for tea knowing that I needed to post about it at the end of the day

I started to have brunch! Try your recipes and now I add more protein. I now have 3 meals a day and I’m loving it. I’m hoping to see some muscles......''

She was also adamant that she wouldn't be able to complete the squat challenge but with our help and guidance she smashed that right out of the park and more! She learnt how to master a squat correctly and effectively so that it was working into the correct areas! Now can confidently come to classes and perform them with confidence!

Read more further down......

One of our warriors Jayme took part in the squat challenge and also set herself a goal to walk 15 miles in a week and actually completely smashed that:

''I have managed to walk 25 Miles in one week so I have smashed my 15 Mile target This week will involve walking, exercising and continuing the healthier eating'' after a rocky start to the year I love how she flipped her mindset and regained some focus! Let's face it we all love pretty stationary and highlighters when making fitness goals! Rainbow ticks are also a must! Keeping the KIMMY J vibes glowing.

Workout warrior Paula was getting her work colleagues to join in with the challenge on their lunch breaks by joining in our Quick Squat Workouts which we posted in the group and on our social media pages!

One of our warriors Emma has her own keep fit blog and has been posting her progressions along the way on there as well as in our own group.She has a determined head on her shoulders and documents everything along the way inspiring many of our other warriors.I always tell my warriors if they are focusing on weight loss to measure their inches rather than using the scales. This is a great way to keep accountability and also measures the progressions that scales cannot measure which is important with any goal making. Here are her wins....

Helen has been smashing our online workouts! (See Home Workout Library) to sign up

She hasn't had the easiest of times at all in the last year but has come back with a glow in her face and spring in her step!

She too has been building her strength up slowly and focusing on nutrition this month! She loves a bit of 90s dance fit in her life and I know she will be straight there once Clubbercise returns. Ps how cute is her top?

All of our warriors have done an amazing job this month and achieved so much in themselves which I am very proud of. It has been really nice to hear that our tips, our guidance and help have been working for you. The truth is we all love a treat that is what makes us human and nothing bad is gonna happen after a bad day off your fitness plan. It is just being more aware of what we perhaps are lacking , what we need more of and also where to make small adjustments along the way to create healthier habits daily. One of my top tips when creating any health goals, it to do it in reverse, so make your goals and then work backwards breaking it down into small manageable chunks of what you are going to do to achieve that, this way it isn't so overwhelming.

A huge well done to everyone who took part in these challenges for February, times have been hard, winter has been long and me taking away little treats such as crisps, chocolate and takeaways and then making you squat 2800 times and trek through mud ( I know I am truly evil) haha! These all probably seemed like the last thing you wanted to do given the circumstances! But I have really felt that it has once again kept focus & changed mindsets. We have some more challenges set for March so I look forward to them and smashing more goals!

We can now hopefully see a light at the end of the tunnel towards re-opening our classes again, which I am sure you can agree is something we are all very excited about! One of the things I don't want people to worry about is if you haven't been as active during lockdown, or if you have completely fell off the fitness road or put on weight, it has been a really hard time for us all and we will look forward to welcoming you back as always with a smile to help you back on that road.

Please stay updated on our social media pages for more information (go to contact section on the website for all relevant links)

Stay fit & stay fab

Kimmy x

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Everyone did such a fab job in February 🙌

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