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Happy New Year Workout Warriors.... sort of!

Not the way we wanted to start a New Year in Lockdown 3.0 and classes once again paused for what feels like the millionth time! But like everything else we have overcome in the last year, we WILL overcome again. I always believe that faith & hope is stronger than anything else and by keeping that warrior spirit towards the light we can do magical things together! So let's get that armour on and raise those swords! We kicked off 2021 with our monthly challenges. I created these as a focus for people as I had a hunch that we would be back under house arrest again. You see, wellbeing isn't just about attending face to face classes, sure they are awesome & we always feel buzzing after we have done them and they are also the very heart of what we are all about but that is just one piece to your wellbeing puzzle. Wellbeing is a giant puzzle and you hold the pieces to that puzzle. Sleep, exercise, work-life balance, nutrition, mindfulness, social interaction, fun they all interlock to create your wellness. Your emotional state is always a guidance & reflection of your wellness so always be aware of how you are feeling in yourself.


I am so super proud of everyone who got on board with RED JANUARY 2021 this was a challenge created to get people moving during what is known as the most depressing time of the year. It was about moving everyday YOUR WAY to beat the blues & raise awareness or funds for Sport In Mind a mental health charity. What a great cause and especially now more than ever when mental health is at an all time low! It was great to check in with you all everyday & see what you have all been up to! Some of our warriors signed up on the website for the home workout library where they can complete a mixture of on demand workouts at their own leisure from home.We had walking soooooooo many miles between us, running, dance fitness, weight lifting, combat workouts, yoga, abs and booty blasts, interval training whatever it is you did on a daily basis it got you out or feeling better in some respect & sometimes that is all it is about, especially when times are feeling particularly glum....

Warrior Chris decided to set herself a challenge of walking 30k steps in a day.... all from her house! Yep! Not easy by any means but she smashed it with the help of dancing around to clubber track Sandstorm in her living room!

Emma one of our home workout warriors made the most of our home workout library! Her favourites being the 90s dance fit video and also the quick combat tracks! You never know how much you need a combat track in your life when you finish it feeling strong and stress relieved after a bad day!

Megan took some beaut pictures out on her adventures getting in her daily steps!

Warrior Becka completing a super circuit of bodyweight exercises! She completed 300+ squats in 20 minutes! I can feel the quad burn from here as I am typing this...

Warrior Julie completed 30 days of mindfulness and yoga as part of her challenge....

Despite whatever you did in January, 1% of something is better than 100% of nothing at all! The main thing is that it got us moving, it kept our fitness levels up, it gave us mental focus, it got us out into the fresh air, exploring new places embracing nature and the surroundings. I feel so very proud that we are keeping together as a fitness community to do that during what is a really hard time for many! Use this last month gone by as reflection to reset your focus for a New month ahead!


Over on our main Facebook page

we are currently giving a shoutout every Wednesday to all our amazing warriors! We all deserve to shine!

Next month we have a couple of challenges up our sleeve, including focusing on nutrition! I look forward to seeing what February holds! Until then keep being the absolute badass that you are!

Kimmy x

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Same here, Emma, and I love the fact that we all support one another & celebrate one another’s achievements, it’s such a nice, friendly community 😁


Seeing what everyone has achieved this month makes me very proud to be part of this community 💙🧡💛

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