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Group exercise & dance fitness classes we do...

Getting you shaking, shimmying, bopping, toning , sweating & smiling your way to a healthier happier you, there is something for everyone whether you love to dance or prefer a more low impact approach check out what classes we do in more depth by clicking the button here >>>>>

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Fitness The  Fun Way

Kimmys Workout Warriors Telford
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Location: Telford 
Contact No:07724087


"These classes should be on prescription"

Welcome to the home of fitness fun in Telford! Since 2017 we have created a community of fitness, fun & friendship. We are all about the feel good vibes, friendliness & fun offering a diverse range of group fitness classes in Telford to help you feel stronger, fitter, healthier & happier. At classes we all believe fitness should never be a bore but rather a celebration of what your body & mind can achieve, we believe that looking after both of these are one of the most important things you can ever do for yourself which is why we specialise in boosting peoples confidence, self esteem along with mental & physical wellbeing.Our classes are such a distractive way to fitness that it feels more like a night out with your friends minus the drama & the hangover! No matter what your fitness level we welcome all abilities, shapes, sizes & ages 16+. Wanna know more about our sessions, I thought you would never ask! 

What classes do we do?

KimmyJFitness Telford

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Testimonial KimmyJFitness
Testimonial KimmyJFitness
testimonial KimmyJFitness
Testimonial KimmyJFitness
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