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KimmyJFitness is about creating a fun, supportive & effective place for people to get fit, make new friends & achieve their health & wellness goals.If you want to be able to stick to an exercise routine it has to be enjoyable! We provide a feel good atmosphere that not only helps you with your goals but also leaves you feeling elated, energised & ready to take on the challenges that life brings like the absolute warrior that you are!


As you are busy moving, dancing, shaking, shimmying, toning and bopping away to the music, you barely notice that you are actually increasing your fitness levels, strength, co-ordination, flexibility & not to mention a huge boost in confidence! Want to know more about each session we do?


We are all about bringing people together to feel good through the fun of dance & fitness, anyone can join in, whether you are a beginner or regular exerciser, everyone is always welcome in our classes. Want to see what sessions we do & where we do them? 

Become a workout warrior and start your journey to a fitter, stronger, healthier & happier you. Read some of our reviews below

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Our Community Classes are very much the heart of KimmyJFitness we pride ourselves on creating a friendly, fun & fantastic atmosphere. All classes are pay as you go with no pressures to commit! We pride ourselves for being value for money and offer a range of fun fitness classes for all levels of fitness & abilities. Click for more info on our classes below: 



Our Online Studio since COVID-19 we created our KimmyJFitness online studio that can be accessed for a one off payment for one month access. This offers a range of mix n match pre -recorded home workouts.There are NO branded classes on here such as Clubbercise, Broadway Boogie or BopBack .




Warrior Reviews 

Amy S

The energy and happiness Kim brings to her classes each and every week is just infectious! You can’t help but laugh and smile whilst joining in with her awesome workouts. Absolutely the pinnacle of my week (and that’s from someone who doesn’t “enjoy” exercising). You just need to give it a try, and you will soon see how fabulous and good it makes you feel! 

Emma S

Alison M 

I can honestly say I have never been so addicted to anything fitness related like I am to this. I could quite happily keep going, I hate it when it ends. I feel energised and all the stress of the day/ week just evaporates through my limbs. So thank you! I’m loving it...and getting fitter 🏃‍♀️

Kim is by far my favourite instructor ever... she cares about each of her class-goers (warriers) and this makes for such a friendly environment to be in. The classes are always so uplifting, hard work but easy enough to take at your own pace with noone looking down their nose at you - encouragement all round, hands down, the best classes I've been to. Kim is even looking after us in lockdown by loading videos and motivational bits - she's a pure gem!

Christine S

Jayme L 

Extremely bad anxiety suffer right here, however I have managed to attend your classes, sometimes alone I might add and dance all my worries away, whilst sometimes achieving a glow I never knew I had, I walk in sometimes feeling really meh but I always leave smiling and ready for the week ahead. I really miss our classes and I am super excited to come back, You've made exercise fun again, thank you so much Kim 

 ''I love your classes Kim! I have tried gyms and loads of other fitness classes never to return as they are boring! You connect with us Kim, you make fitness fun, your not just an awesome fitness instructor you are our friend, you don’t forget about us when we go home, you ask how we are feeling and give us good advice on what to do to ease our sore muscles you miss us when we can’t attend and send us well wishes.I have never been to a gym or a fitness class where the instructor contacts me to see how I am, answer my questions or gives me any advice, I never got a clubber of the month or little treats for Halloween, and Christmas. I never got asked what music I wanted, or what part of my body I wanted to Tone next week. You do everything to make us comfortable during classI’m never going to get what I get from your classes anywhere else. We’re a big community of warriors''